Streaming from HDR to HD Fox T2?


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Can someone confirm the functionality of viewing recorded HD programs from an HDR and streaming them over ethernet to a HD Fox?

In particular, can you fast-forward and rewind, and/or use the "Skip" buttons when viewing streamed media on the HD Fox?

Additionally, I saw in another thread that HD material can only be viewed after it's been decrypted via the custom firmware. Is this still the case?

And just generally, is watching streamed programs (via wired ethernet) "stable", and not something that's going to annoy me with temperamental issues?!?

Thanks for your answers.
A HD- or HDR-FOX can view the recorded content of another HDR-FOX by connecting both to your home network (or even just an Ethernet cable between the two). This is standard, requires no modification or other user intervention, and applies to both StDef and HiDef material. There used to be problems, but these were resolved with firmware updates a long time ago.

On the source HDR-FOX content sharing must be enabled Menu >> Settings >> System >> Internet Setting >> Content Share = On. It can take some time to establish itself. On the player device, access via Media >> Storage (blue) >> Network.

Fast forward / rewind does not work via DLNA, but skip and right-left cursor do.

Regarding decryption (not necessary in this case), see Things Every... (click) section 5.

Alternatively, using custom firmware it is possible to make the player HD/HDR-FOX "see" the source HDR-FOX as if its content was on a local USB drive. This enables full transport control, bookmarking, resume, move, delete, etc etc. This method of access requires decryption (StDef and HiDef).
I've been checking online prices and noticed that Richer Sounds are selling HDR-Fox for less than the price that Amazon are selling just a HD-Fox. (!) So makes sense to me to get a few HDR boxes - could you just confirm that HDR can stream to/from another HDR box as per above?
Yes. I was explicit in post 2, and do not see the need to query it.

The HD-FOX has been discontinued for some time, so it's price reflects the supply/demand ratio. The HDR-FOX is also discontinued, superseded by the (in our opinion) so-far unworthy HDR-2000T. Be certain what you are buying.
Ok, yes sorry should have paid more attention to Post 2.

Yes I understand that they're discontinued and the HDR-2000T is not what I'm after. I've already got an HDR-Fox with custom f/w, I just need to buy the additional "Clients".