Streaming HD from PC to Hummy


Hi, can somebody please explain to me what is happening in my PC (Windows 7 Ultimate) when I stream HD (H264 ts) files over my home network to watch on my Hummy?

This always worked fine for SD (mpeg2) but falls over after 1h16m on an HD film, 1h44m on another. Always at the same point, which is not an edit, nor any fast action etc. to need high BW.

I believe something is hitting a limit at 4GB? I seem to remember reading that WMP has something to do with the streaming process, could it be that I have not set this up properly? I don't really use it for anything else.

BTW both films play through to the end fine if I FTP them back onto the Hummy.

Many thanks for any thoughts.
Hi James, Thank you for your reply. Sorry I'm new to networking - how would I know if I am using SMB??

I have the Hummy and PC both connected by ethernet cables to my router. I have the files on the PC in the Video Library with permissions set up to share on LAN. Then I go Media > Storage > Network on the Hummy and drill down to the file I want to play.

I seem to remember that when I first did this It didn't work - Hummy could not see files, and I had to set something up in WMP to enable streaming? I read this somewhere and cannot remember the details :confused:.

I have just installed Filezilla for transferring files by FTP. This works very well, after switching FTP on in the Hummy's settings, and giving it a manually assigned IP address, so I don't have to search for it every time I want to connect. I can watch films fine by this method, but of course have to wait for it to transfer across onto the HDD in the Hummy. Streaming would be much more convenient if I could get it working.