Streaming live from an android device


Hi all,
I have a sky hub in my home providing my network which comprises a wireless laptop running Windows 7, a wired Humax hdr fox t2 free view box + my HTC one mobile phone (know very little about them but my kids thought i should have one)! I would like a server on my HTC one mobile phone that can connect to my Humax hdr fox t2 freeview box, that will enable me to stream movies and tv channels not available on my free view box from my mobile phone to my Humax.
Before I waste any ones time, can someone tell me if I am in the right or wrong forum or if I am seeking something that isn't available based on my ancient stuff?

Kind regards
To stream video files (e.g. mp4) you have saved on you phone is straightforward. Just install a DLNA server app like Skifta and watch on the Humax in media > network.
To stream TV channels is not so easy. Apps like Sky Go, for example, are locked down rather well and prevent this. If your phone has video output you can get an adapter or cable to link it to a TV HDMI port, but many apps will detect that the phone is connected to a TV and block this too.
There are probably solutions available for rooted phones: others may be able to help you with this.
Thanks for your help, thats a solution for my saved videos on the phone then.
Can anyone help regarding the wireless live tv streaming?
If I have read the OP correctly (and I only skimmed it), you want the HDR-FOX to present video to the TV, sourced from an external server.

The only way you can do that is to provide the external source as a DLNA stream, and for that the only potential solution I know of is (can't remember the name, looking for it now).