Streaming recorded TV from one HDR-FOX T2 to another. How?


I'm running custom firmware (1.03.12/2.22) on TWO HDR FOX-T2s, named humax3 and humax2 (humax1 broke - see this thread: but I don't think that the CFW has anything to do with it. I think this is a feature that is present and should work with the standard firmware - but correct me if I'm wrong.

Both machines are connected to the network via wired ethernet, configured via DHCP (but assigned fixed addresses. Both have:
Setting --> System --> Internet setting
content sharing enabled
FTP server enabled (don't think this is relevant)
Setting --> System --> Power management
Power save on standby turned off (irrelevant?)
Automatic power down off

They can ping each other.
Sure enough from my Mac (using VLC) Android 'phone and iPod touch (8player lite) I can see both of them and stream stuff. In fact right now in the background the iPos is streaming from one and the Mac from the other. Great!

But, from one of them, if I select Media --> Blue button (Storage) --> Network it goes away and thinks for a while ("Connecting…")… several minutes…. and eventually says "no server has been found".

Should they be able to see each other? I thought this was an out-of-the box standard feature.

If course I'm aware that with CFW I have a vast array of options to achieve this. But I thought it was standard and I didn't need to fiddle. Have I missed anything? Or am I expecting something impossible?



Recorded files are encrypted as a norm on each machine so would not work on another machine, ...
I thought the DLNA server would decrypt HD if it were streaming to a trusted client, such as another Hummy. And it decrypts SD to any client. But in any case, all of the recordings are decrypted on the box, thanks to CFW.
So does the stock firmware not include a DLNA client?


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ABM you are correct, you should be able to see each machine from the other and stream from one to the other in both SD and HD without the need to decrypt via cf.
You need to make sure that network sharing is turned on on both.
You access one Hummy from the other via Media>Network.
Obviously, both have to be powered on at the time.

Have you fully shutdown both and restarted (you need to wait a minute or so before restarting to achieve full shut down).
It can take a few minutes for each to register properly on network.


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As long as you have content share switched on on both (which you do), streaming by DLNA should work, even with encrypted HiDef content. Can you see both DLNA servers on another device (smart TV, tablet) etc.? (Edit: yes you can.) You could try switching content share off and back on again. As you have the custom firmware installed, once you have turned the content share off you can reset the DLNA database in Web-if > diagnostics. This is worth a try.


Now, after nearly half a decade I can reveal what the problem was.

I had IGMP snooping (unnecessarily) enabled on my BayStack 450-24T ethernet switch. And this can interfere with UPnP.
I turned it off and suddenly I could stream between the two boxes. And the problem I was actually trying to fix - my PCs failing to find the printer - was also fixed.

You might ask why I had IGMP enabled and even why I own a switch that has it - few consumer-targetted switches do. That's because I got my switch out of the bin at work, so it's somewhat older but also somewhat more feature-laden than a consumer switch.