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Im looking at the possibility of gutting an old Foxsat-HDR thats at this pont simply being used as a cheap and dirty NAS via Raydons excellent firmare.

By gutting i mean comletely stripping the software and running nothing but SSH, FTP, MySQL and TVHeadend.
SSH/FTP for admin
MySQL for simple library sync between a series of raspberry pi's and firesticks running KODI (given the limited resorces available this may be a pipe dream, i have no idea ho much internal am i have to play ith at this point)
TVHeadend as a DVB-S HTSP server allowing Kodi to change channels and stream to each client.

Does this seem feasable?
Im simply asking before attacking the Humax with a screwdriver to determine which processor, and tuner chipsets ill need to set up my crosscompile toolchain and configs for, a cursory google search has yeilded no useful information concerning the hardware (which is odd considering the popularity of the box)

Anyone have any experience or looked into achiving similar?
At this point im still in the research phase, like i said i dont even know how much ram i have to fool around with, just sames a shame to let the box gather dust when it "should" be possible to repurpose it to do something more useful.


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I figured SQL would be a writeoff (ive admined a number of remote servers in the past and know how out of control MySQL likes to get)
I can offload that to another device on the network so its really not a concerned (like i said its a small scale media sync database, crosslinks network locations for episodes/movies/music and artwork, so i can stop a say an episode in one room and resume from another from the same place)

My experience with embeded systems is sorely limited but i like the idea of being seriously constrained. Epecially coming from decades of linux server experience where efficiency isnt really a primary concern
Network wise im faily sure it'll handle the bandwidth, im aware its painfully limited from spending days on FTP transfers but can stream 2 1080p (prerecorded) streams concurrently via MediaTomb whilst recordng a HD broadcast which is all im really looking to do maximum throughput wise.
This is under Raydons however and doesnt have the added abuse of dealing with a pvr servers overhead and bloat.
Im also well aware tht i could hopon to amazon and just buy new hardware and have a set up running in a few days without any headaches, but wheres the fun in that?

I much appreciate the input and the link, saves me some sanity!

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TVHeadend as a DVB-S HTSP server allowing Kodi to change channels and stream to each client.
That's all very well, but the experience of the HDR-FOX is that all the hardware interfacing is done inside the Humax settop black box software with no documentation and not a sniff of standard OS drivers. If the Foxsat is the same, there is very little likelihood of being able to use the TV functionality without using the Humax software to control it, or send the video anywhere other than out of the HDMI.