Streaming to Android Device

would anyone know whether I can stream to and or from my Motorola Xoom 2 android tablet using my HDR FOX T2. If so could the instructions be in idiot proof form as I am not conversant with technical jargon.
It is possible to stream from the Humax to an android device that is running the MediaHouse App. You need to turn on Content Sharing in the Humax menus e.g. Menu >> Settings >> System >> Internet Setting > >Content Share=On
App. name changed to MediaHouse
Thanks for your prompt reply, could you possibly elaberate on the media home app, as when I searched for this, the only one that matched exactly was in french.
Are there several types that would suit the Humax or just one specific.
I appriciate your patience when dealing with a completely green beginner.
I have turned contents share on.
I think that was a typo by Erza, the app you want is MediaHouse.
Yes sorry it's MediaHouse, not MediaHome, when installed you should see the Humax as a new 'Device' goto My Contents >> My Video a short tap / click will play the file and a long tap/click will bring up a download option screen
Thanks, I chose the Pro version and can see all my saved films. Just one thing, I was under the impression that I could also stream films that I purchased on my tablet to my tv via Humax box?
Yes this possible, you need something on your Tablet or P.C. that works as a DLNA server. On a P.C. Windows Media Player will do this by going to Library >> Media Sharing >> 'tick' Media Sharing to . . . there should be an icon for the Humax (it may be labelled as Unknown Device). Only items in the Media player playlist will be made available to the Humax. On The Humax go to Media >> Storage (Blue) >> Network to see any DLNA server on the Network
There are much better DLNA servers that can be installed on a P.C. LIST HERE but don't use Twonky Ver. 7 as it causes the Humax to crash. For an Android device you need something that will be a DLNA server rather than a browser/player/client, I have not set this up yet. NOTE DLNA is also referred to as Upnp
I've been using TVMOBiLi in both Windows and Linux contexts, and find it works well with the HDR - I wish that I could get the server on the HDR to function as reliably!
I use the skifta android app on my phone. You can then point that at any media playback app you want. VPlayer handles the Humax SD and HD fikes well...

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I personally use MediaHouse and MXPlayer on my Android phone without a problem, except when playing HD .ts files as previously mentioned. I haven't tried VPlayer but will give it a try. :)
Sounds like a nice alternative to UPnPlay and VPlayer. I will try it.
Hi all,
although I can now see all my stored programs and films that are on my humax, when I quick tap I'm told I am unable to play. The warning flag is very quick and I cannot read it all exactly as its written. I can only long tap and start the very slow download but have not yet fully downloaded so I dont know whether I can play from a download either.
Any ideas.
If you are using MediaHouse, the problem may be that you don't have a suitable Media player that can handle the streamed file, try installing MXPlayer, that handles most things
If you are using MediaHouse, the problem may be that you don't have a suitable Media player that can handle the streamed file, try installing MXPlayer, that handles most things

Also VPlayer.

I have tried the App in the OP now and can't see it does anything I couldn't do with UPnPlay already, though the UI may be preferable.

I have quite a few media players on Android. I like MX Player a lot, but discovered last night that it failed miserably with some legacy iTunesU videos I had on a DNLA server. VPlayer was impeccable. Some time or other I will download them again in a better resolution and convert them to a better format, but there are close to 100 hours there.
I use Skfta & Mediahouse as my server, the latter tends to work best when the box is recording, skifta struggles more. MX player has always been my default player, it handles more than most.
As a side note if you want live streaming tv from your android phone a great free app to get is TVcatchup. Freeview only mind.
(bearing in mind HiDef playback requires the custom firmware to unlock it first)

Does it? I've just started experimenting with DLNA streaming from my HDR to my Android phone (Sony Xperia Acro S runing stock ICS) and in my experience HD recordings play back just as well as SD recordings do. I've had success with Skifta, MediaHouse and UPnPlay, using MX Player as the media player. ArkMC is scored off my list (for reasons I can't quite remember) and aVia worked but the playback aspect ratio was all wrong. I haven't yet tried BubbleUPnP.

When I say that HD recordings play back "just as well" as SD recordings, what I mean is: it basically works, but the HDR's DLNA server seems to be rather fragile and gets its knickers in a twist rather easily eg if you try to jump forwards or backwards in the recording. Usually what happens is that playback just stops, and although you can still navigate around the media library nothing else that you select will successfully stream. The only thing that seems to fix this is switching the HDR off and on again (using the remote, not a full power cycle).
Do you not have to auto-unprotect the HiDef recordings before they can be streamed? It will be a first if you don't!
D'oh! Forgot that I have the auto-unprotect package installed...

Still getting the problem with the streaming hanging if I try to use the transport controls. Doesn't seem to make any difference which DNLA client or video player I use. Does anyone else get this or is it just me?