Streaming Video,Audio And Photo's To The HDR2000T

Jed Arkwright

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I recently purchased this receiver mainly because I was wanting to stream all my DVD movies, audio files and photo's to it from my Windows server running W7-64bit, I already have a Netgear EVA9000 which does exactly that with no additional software requirements, I don't appear to be having much luck with the HDR2000 as it doesn't even see the directories on the server but it does see the server, the only way I managed to get somewhere was when I linked the music files on the server to Windows Media Player, I was then able to view-play the music files on the HDR2000, I could not get the HDR2000 to see any of my DVD files or the directories-folders they are saved in, I tried to link my DVD files into MediaPlayer but nothing happened when I tried to import the file location I don't think Media Player see's DVD files in folders I'm guessing only AVI files, there is nothing in the HDR2000 manual that's of use regarding this, I emailed Humax support it was a total waste of my time, can any one help with this please.


Normally I stream direct to my TV from either Twonky running on a WD MyBookLive or Servio (free) running on my PC. I tried looking at them both with the Humax, and it saw all the directories and files without any problems. It wouldn't play the files in the Servio directory, saying the format (.mkv - the only one there) wasn't supported. Streaming from Twonky it played .avi and .mpg ok, but the mp4 files hiccoughed somewhat. But then they sometimes do that on the TV as well. The Humax couldn't read the jpegs on Twonky at all, but wouldn't say why not.

Ezra Pound

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The 2000T requires the files to be streamed from your server to it via a DLNA server, Windows Media Player is doing that function, Twonky (not version 7) will also do this for you

Jed Arkwright

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I sent the HDR2000T back to the supplier, too much time spent trying to get it working when my Netgear EVA9000 does exactly what it's supposed to without any additional software, it plays everything without any problems at all, the idea of the HDR2000T did seem like a good idea at the time one less box on the shelf especially when I also have a Foxsat HDR and my Yamaha home cinema system, life's too short I will stick with the Netgear, thanks to all for the input.