Stuck in diagnostics mode

Hi all.

I just rebooted my HDR-T2 using the "diagmode" diagnostic so I could clear out old EPG data going back to March this year. After restarting, the box has become unusable; it starts to boot, shows the "Cust FW 2.22" message and then displays "Wait - 59", counts down to 55 and then powers off leaving the blue ring on but dimmed. Power cycling doesn't change the behaviour, nor does powering off/on using the remote.

What's the best way to get the box working again? :frantic:

Thanks, BlackCat 3000.
Thanks af123, I'll give it a go now and report back.

Just putting a USB stick in the front socket and rebooting got it to start properly in maintenance mode. I inadvertently copied the HD firmware onto the stick (it was still in my downloads folder since I updated to CFW2.2 a while ago) onto the stick instead of the new HDR firmware so it got ignored at startup. :rolleyes: Anyway, I was then able to telnet in and delete the old EPG file and the HDR box boots normally now.

Now that I've downloaded CFW 3.00 I may as well finish the job properly and upgrade.

Thanks for the help, af123.