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I am new to this model of Humax and very impressed so far with the custom firmware and addons.

I am struggling to working out the best way to pick out unwatched or unrecorded episodes on series such as NCIS and The Big Bang Theory - without recording masses of episodes and having to work out afterwards which ones are needed.

Having an option against the EPG search results to annotate each item with:
a) A flag to indicate that the found entry is already recorded,
b) Whether the entry is already scheduled (possibly the little L in a circle might mean this)
c) If there is a hit against a separate list of search criteria - such as a CSV file or long string containing details of episodes watched.

Using this approach it should be possible to do an EPG search once a week and fairly easily pick out any new episodes to collect.

Have tried using remote recording auto searches to achieve this requirement - but it looks to me that I require a separate entry for each missing episode - might investigate that further.

Could probably achieve my requirement using a bookmarklet - that adds the annotations to the EPG search results - will try that too.
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Have you looked at the tvdiary package? I don't use it myself but I think it knows what episodes have been recorded in the past.


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If you haven't already start using the Remote Scheduling package.

The EPG displays on both the Webif and RS show a programme in Blue if the programme has been scheduled for recording. In addition the RS EPG displays shows in Red those programmes that will be be skipped because they have already been recorded.
Note the already recorded list is limited to 5 episodes recordings under the same Series recording schedule entry.
For more extensive duplicate identification and removal look at the Dedup and TVdiary packages and TVDB settings.


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thanks for the suggestions - have just looked at the tvdiary package and it looks interesting - but is not quite achieving what I need. I tried searching for multiple episodes that I am looking to capture by putting their search criteria in separated by blanks - but it doesn't seem to find any episodes if I try putting the details of more than one in the search field.

The same seems to apply to the WebIf EPG search. If I could get a search to take in complex criteria that contains a list of positive and negative matches than it would make my problem a lot easier - I would then just have to work a way of building the search string from my excel based already watched episode list.

On the WebIf and RS EPG searches - The Blue and Red colouring would certainly help with my A and B above if I can understand them correctly. But from the Webif - EPG search I am seeing all episodes coming up in blue (under the yellow highlighting) including ones that I have not got scheduled for recording.
Likewise for the ES EPG search I am not seeing any colour differences between the episodes already recorded - see example below

This episode already recorded yesterday - based on an 'auto' search for NCIS and 'Black'

RS EPG for the same episode on the 11th not giving me any indication that I have already got it recorded

NCIS in particular is a bit of a nightmare - because there are so many different threads of it running on different channels at the same time - and trying to work out which ones to record and which ones to watch next is getting confusing. I have loads of episodes recorded on two youview boxes about half of which I have watched - and one of my drivers for picking up a Fox HDR T2 was the have the ability to automate the recording and organization of the missing episodes, plus if I do get a second HDR being able to coordinate the recordings across the two boxes - to avoid clashes etc.

I tried TVDB and Deduping - but as the CBS action EPG data doesn't have episode names or numbers on it - many of the episodes got renamed to the same thing and then got deduped off - plus I would rather avoid recording loads of episodes I have already seen and then deduping or scanning through them with some scripts afterwards - due to the number of unnecessary schedule clashes that this will cause.

Previously had an original Tivo Box, Topfield, FoxSAT HDR, and HDR2000T - and so far the FOX HDR T2 with the support of the custom firmware and addons is miles better - and they are pretty cheap to pick up on EBAY. :)