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New Support for Jim syntax highlighting


Staff member
I've added a module for formatting jim code in code blocks... XenForo supports dozens of languages out of the box but not this one and, since it's used a lot in the custom firmware packages, we should have it.

Jim Code:
set nocommit 0
if {[llength $argv] < 1} {
        sleep [rand 0 120]
} elseif {[lindex $argv 0] eq "nocommit"} {
        set nocommit 1
} elseif {[lindex $argv 0] ne "now"} {
        set delay [lindex $argv 0]
        if {![string is digit -strict $delay]} {
                puts "Syntax error."
        sleep [rand 0 $delay]

proc ack {cid} {
        if {[string is integer -strict $cid]} {
                exec /mod/bin/rs ack $cid
Just use the insert code menu, or standard [code=jim]...[/code] tags.
(or, with markdown enabled