Sweeper option - delete more than 'x' files


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I have been using sweeper for a while, but wondered whether there is a way to do something already that I can't see.

We are currently recording various programs off of CBeebies and similar channels, and certain series can soon build up in number and therefore use too much disk.

I was deleting files older than x days, but when a series stops being broadcast, this eventually deletes all that series.

Is it possible to check if a folder contains more than a certain number of files and then delete the older ones if it does, thereby limiting the amount of episodes of a certain series? I'm not bothered about deleting unwatched or anything like that, I just don't want to fill my HD with Peppa Pig!


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You can do this with the Auto-Expiry options on a per-folder basis.

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Alternatively use dedup to save only unique recordings, then when you have the whole set you can stop recording.