Sweeper wont save rules (or ignores them)


New Member
Recently tried to create a few new rules, but can't get them to save.

In the web interface clicking save indicates it been saved to the ".sweeper" file and the rules can be run with the "run now" option. Turning to the text view the rules are there fine.

However the rules never run and if you go away from the rule page and come back it says there are no rule for that folder, but clicking on the text view shows the rules are there.

WTH is happening and how do I fix this? Never had this problem before.
Seem to have fixed the problem for now, it was due to one of the folders (that most of the recording go into and is used by sweeper rules) having a # in the file name. Removed the # from the folder name and it worked as it should again.

Strange, as previously it appeared to work fine for the last 3 months. Go figure :confused:.