Switch from Single Feed LNB to Dual


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I am currently using my HDR on a single feed LNB. Shortly I will be switching to a dual LNB to get the most out of the box. When I do this do I need to do a factory reset to enable the dish detection to run again, or will a Freesat scan do this without having to lose any other settings I may have already set?
Easiest way is just do a factory reset. This will force a redetection of sat feeds. There is another method which requires that you access the hidden service menu. As I recall, the button sequence is Red Green Yellow Blue Green Yellow Blue when in the Settings menu. As a new user I recommend you do the factory reset. You will lose any future scheduled recordings so best make a note of these if you have any set up. A snapshot using the camera on your phone is the quickest way to do this.
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Thanks for the reply. It's no big deal to do a factory reset if that's the easiest path for me to follow.
If you do decide to use the hidden menu you need to go to "Antenna Setting" and set "Connection Type" to "Two Cable (Same)"