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Noticed that system monitor was just hanging and not displaying any graphs. Checking webif-error.log it states:

at file "/mod/webif/plugin/sysmon/data/temp.jim", line 12
/mod/webif/plugin/sysmon/data/temp.jim:12: Error: database disk image is malformed

Have tried all the following and it still is not working:

1. Ran the fix flash package diagnostics

2. Removed the sysmon package and re-installed it.

3. Removed the sysmon packagae, navigated to "/mod/webif/plugin" and manually removed the "/sysmon" directory and all its contents (as I noted that removing the package left the jim databases behind) and then re-installed sysmon.

I was certain the last option would fix it as I was removing the supposedly corrupt database files so I was a little perplexed when it didn't work!

Any ideas? By the way, get a different message if I try to view CPU or network activity:

at file "/mod/webif/plugin/sysmon/data/net.jim", line 10
/mod/webif/plugin/sysmon/data/net.jim:10: Error: database disk image is malformed


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The database is stored at /mod/monitor/monitor.db so that is the file you need to remove (or rename). Reinstalling things is rarely the way to fix them, especially as it only touches the code, not the data. The .jim files are code.
It might be interesting to post a copy of the database somewhere to see if we can determine how it is corrupted and maybe work out why it happens.


Cheers prpr - I feel a right numpty that it didn't twig that these weren't the database files.

Anyway, removed the old database (zipped and attached it in case anyone wants to have a look at what is corrupt) and a fresh one has been generated. Sysmon is showing empty graphs which I guess is to be expected until it has some data to plot but it certainly looks as though it is fixed.


Update: Can confirm it is now working as expected and plotting data!


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