Sysmon error: database disk image is malformed


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Sysmon has stopped working for me. the disk temperature and network usage tabs just show spinning 'Loading... Please wait', and the other tabs show empty graphs.

Webif-error.log contains:

2 at file "/mod/webif/plugin/sysmon/data/temp.jim", line 12
1 /mod/webif/plugin/sysmon/data/temp.jim:12: Error: database disk image is malformed

I had just updated all packages through webif and got an 'Internal server error' and had to reboot the machine. I've run a command line opkg update and opkg upgrade (as per post 222 in the thread at [webif] Web Interface 1.2.x) which seemed to work although it did stop on updating DLNA database until I pressed return.

What should I do now?


Web interface version: 1.2.8-8
Custom firmware version: 3.00 (build 2137)
Humax Version: 1.03.12 (kernel HDR_CFW_3.00)


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It is possible that your monitor.db has become corrupted,
Try renaming or deleting /mod/monitor/monitor.db
Unfortunately you will lose your accumulated history - I don't know enough about the database to suggest how you could fix the data


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Thanks. I'll try that if it happens again. It was only my 'backup' machine so fortunately the loss of the history wasn't a big deal.

Owen Smith

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I just had to delete monitor.db on my aunt's box. I have to delete this every year, I check everything over for her on boxing day and sysmon is never working. She has no internet, I take my iPad and a TP-Link widget to update packages using 4G on my iPad an a personal hotspot.

Anyway, do we have any idea why monitor.db goes corrupt? It's working now on her box, but has no history obviously.