System flush


Hi I know how to d/l it but is there somewhere to tell how to use it and what exactly it does ?

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All you do to use it is run it just like a firmware update. What it does is force the standard firmware to rebuild the databases.

Is what it says on the wiki page not sufficient?:
Install as standard firmware update to perform a full system flush and reset. This is designed to assist recovery from crash/reboot loops and to clear everything out after running RMA mode.

Your recordings will not be affected.

NB: This will also clear most CFW package settings.
Maybe it could say "install as per standard firmware..."


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To be precise, it reformats the areas of flash used for persistent data like the schedule. There are two of these flash areas and they use the JFFS2 filesystem.


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Playing devil's advocate...
Presumably it loads and runs within just a few seconds
Is there a way to know that it has run?
Does it create any output anywhere?