System unresponsive, epg 80% cpu


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This evening the system was virtually unresponsive to the remote control and recording playback occasionally paused.

I rebooted the system with the back power switch to attempt to clear the problem but even after restart it was still very sluggish.

When looking at system activity with top I noticed that the epg was running at 80%cpu and stayed that way for several minutes, I was about to try and kill the process when it dropped to 0% and has stayed that way.

I have never seen epg at the top of the cpu activity before

Possibly related I appear to have gained my first ever bad sector on the disk Fullscreen capture 06032016 230426.jpg


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MM, where are you seeing CPU usage by task?

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By running the 'top' command from a telnet command line (or from webif diag command line)