T1000 locking up, remote buttons inoperative, needs power cycle


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My problems with my T1000 continue. It goes into a state where I have to turn it off on the back to get control again. This has happened 3 or 4 times now. Once while deleting a recording, once while skipping back twice in pause mode. Latest firmware.

Anyone else got this?
Not here, and the silence suggests it's not a known fault. I suspect you have a hardware fault which needs fixing.
Let me kill the silence. Mine just locked up. A power off and on still only gives 1 channel with no buttons working, my search will continue on the forum.

I bought this to replace my 9200t which froze occasionally, requiring a HD reformat and the loss of all recordings.

I am not going to be too impressed if this starts the freezing on me.

On another point, how could Humax have designed the interface for this in 2012 and make it worse than a machine designed 6 or more years ago?

I don't have the patience to list all the deficiencies here except - how many buttons do you have to press to temporarily stop the reply of a recording, watch TV then go back to the same recording? Absolutely rediculous.

how many buttons do you have to press to temporarily stop the reply of a recording, watch TV then go back to the same recording?
Two to get to live TV on the current channel. One to get back to the Recordings list.

But I find it odd when you say you only have one channel. One group of channels from one MUX would be more understandable. Have you been filtering channels perchance?

Great news about the 2+1 buttons. Could you tell me which buttons - to clarify I want back to the last recorded programme I have been watching - not just the list.

This is what I currently do.

Watching one recording from a program with multiple recordings
To get to current TV channel

To get to 'part watched' recorded programme
Y(blue button)
Left (My view)
UP (multiple times - up to 9 - to find corrext list, possibly right for 2nd or third page of lists)
OK (on correct list)
Down (to Part watched recording)
OK to watch

That is 7 to 15 buttons to get back to the part watched recording.

It will be great to find the ONE button that gets me back to the last part watched recording - I presume I have missed something obvious.

I think on my old 9200t it was 1 button to watch TV and 2 buttons to egt back to part watched recording.

Regarding only having one chanel - I meant that the box froze with only the current channel showing on TV, remote was unresponsive, hence no other channels.

Fortunately I found another thread to go to Maintenance mode, which thankfully has a reset witout losing recordings option - though it does take about 15 min to get everything back to the original settings.

There is a remote code to go straight to the Recordings List which is not allocated to a button on the native remote control. If you have a universal remote such as a Harmony you can program a button with that code.
So, for Joe Public who buys this box of the shelf and does not want to buy a universal remote, they have up to 15 buttons to press to get back to the Partly Viewed recording they were watching - compared to a 7 year old Humax box that requires 2 button presses.


If you simply want to go the top of the list of recordings (the most recent one) then when you have pressed the blue YouView button, scrolled and highlighted the "MyView", simply press "OK" twice. once to get into "MyView" (it will always default to the recording list once you have pressed "OK" after highlighting "MyView") and the second press of "OK" takes you straight to highlight the top of the list, this is also the same in any menu on YouView. So by my reckoning that is 4 button clicks to get to the top of the recording list.

Not sure where the 2 button presses come in, as it depends on how many recordings you have on the box, to highlight the open you were watching, as the YouView sorts them in date order, with the most recent at the top.
Mine has started locking up for no reason, less than 10% hd used, usually when 2 recordings are happening.
Disappointing performance for a 'latest' product.

Will be contacting Humax