Telnet not working after re-installing latest custom firmware



My Humax had a Deleting loop and would not let me copy of delete anything because the loop was constantly on. I tried powering off and running fix-disk but the loop never stopped. Something happened and the hard drive was wiped! Has anyone seen this drive wipe happen? Any idea what caused the constant loop and the format?

Since the wipe, I have gone back to basics, re-wiped the drive and installed the latest custom firmware.

I now find that although my recordings and schedule are lost and the drive looks ok, when in Telnet, I can put the box into Maintenance mode but I can no longer open a connection to it. All I can do (when in maintenance mode) is to switch it off to get back to normal. What is stopping the connection from opening when I am in Maintenance mode and I will make the changes?

Thanks for all your help

Ezra Pound

Well-Known Member
Are you connecting to your Humax using Wi-Fi?, there was a problem connecting over Wi-Fi when in Maintenance mode, if so (and if possible), try connecting using a LAN cable rather than Wi-Fi