Three Foxsat-HDR issues


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Hi, noticed a few issues with the box - wondered if anyone else has had these - if they are just annoying or if the box is dying...

My kit is: Foxsat-HDR, 500Gb disk, twin feed from satellite, 500Mb AV Homeplug for networking, Raydon v4.1.3 firmware, Twonkymedia server, samba, and vsftpd running on box (convertfiles plugin installed but not running automatically).

1. When changing channel or starting to play a recording, the TV screen goes black and there is no sound for about 10 - 15 seconds, then sound/video return and all works fine (on playback, the play bar stays at 00:00 for this time). It has been doing this for a couple of months.

2. Sometimes recordings fail (and you get a zero-minute recording listed in media). This has happened about 3 times so far - very intermittent and always when 2 scheduled recordings start (both end up as zero).

Those two are annoying rather than worrying, but

3. Noticed this one on xmas day - when "chase-playing" or "time-shifting" when recording the same channel - the sound disappears. Normally, we would start a recording (scheduled) and begin watching when ready (often 10 minutes or so behind). Noticed on two BBC1 HD recordings that the sound stops completely at the point in time when we started watching the recording. Switching to live gives the sound, then you rewind into time-shift and the sound is gone again. Back to live and sound is ok.