THREE same EPG faults in 3 models?

Bill Hercus

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I handed back my BT Box, bought manager's special DTR 1010 and have now just bought new DTR 2010 500GB - this all within 1 month!

ALL have same fault which is worse on this box than any.

I cannot trust the programme recording facility which quite regularly now records only about 2 mins of requested programme.

I cannot believe I have had 3 faulty boxes with same fault. My Humax Freesat recorder has no problem.

Anyone know who to contact here who can perhaps do something about the guys who run the EPG - or is this a DTR software fault?
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I have started having the same problem on my DTR1000. It was OK up until a few days ago.
Recordings either fail or it only records a couple of minutes of the programmes.
Tonight for example, strictly recorded 47 seconds.
Looking at the recordings list now, It tells me Atlantis is recording but when I go to watch it, there is only 1 minute of the programme to watch.
I'm wondering if it's down to the recent software update?
Manufacturer Software: 20.9.0
Component Software: 2.8.18
Platform Configuration: 1234
I guess you probably don't have FTP access, but if you did you may find that the programme actually recorded but the accompanying indexing files are corrupt. Not that it helps.
Any way to fix it Black Hole?
The box now is supposed to be recording Homeland on 4+1 and I'm a Celebrity on ITV+1. Both recordings show they last for around 3/4 mins but when I tried to watch BBC1 live it said I would have to cancel one of the recordings. This suggest that the box thinks it's recording and is using both tuners.
Really odd that it's only happened from mid week.
I'm drawing a parallel with something that happened (a while ago) on HDR-FOXes - something about the transmission stream changed and caused the sidecar files to become invalid. No, no way to fix it on a YouView box - which is why I said "not that it helps".