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Number 28
That's a difficult one. The quote links to a hummy.tv page telling me that "You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action."
Must be the mailbox of this site. The member appears to have registered very early today. And no I haven't been contacted - yet. :roflmao:


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Oh, didn't check it was a convo. (Aussie slang).
Probably been banned/deleted already.


If I ever get one please do not "clean" it. I get loads of fun out of there scammers. I once had a supposed African princess contact me wanting to know me for love and marriage, after a few exchanged romantic e.mails to her from a temporary e.mail address I convinced her/he that the only way for her to prove her love was to send me some naked pics along with her/his bank account number so that I could send her the cash for a flight to England, not sure if the pics were sent or not as I gave her the address of Scotland Yard and name of a high ranking police officer there.