Transferring recordings from a HDR to a PC via a wired network.


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Quite some time ago I used a backup program called Syncovery to archive data off my PC to my NAS. I also used to to 'pull' recordings from my HDR and save them on my NAS too.
However, it has been quite some months since I last used the program to connect to my HDR but it it now fails to connect. Checking the logs from Syncovery, it warns me that the HDR is using SAMBA1 which is insecure and refused to connect to it.
I have also noticed the the HDR does not appear in the network page in Windows10. I did used to.

The HDR is connected via Ethernet and I have no trouble accessing the WebIF, nor RS.

I know that I should know the answer, but it is eluding me at the moment. A nudge in the right direction would help...

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It appears that when Windows10 updated, could be months ago now, it disabled SMB1 due to security concerns. I have manually enabled it and am happy to say that I now have access to my HDR.

Is there any better way to have the same access but without using an insecure service, if that is the correct terminology?
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SMB on the HDR is a problem because it is so old (and insecure). But nobody seems able to produce a modern version, if it's even possible on that hardware.
You could try using NFS on both ends instead of SMB. I believe W10 supports it, but it's not something I've tried.


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Thanks both for your replies.

For what little I use this, I might as well just enable SMB1 if/when required and then disable it.

Not something I will miss