.ts file: volume levels up and down


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I'm having problems with a .ts file (Glastonbury 2016) that I've copied off my HDR-Fox T2 recorder. The volume frequently becomes loud on my PC but plays ok on my TV.

These are my steps in encountering this problem:

1) Copied HD recording onto USB stick.
2) On PC, I used Foxy on .hmt file.
3) Copied all files back to the T2 via USB.
4) Copied back to USB stick again.
5) Play .ts file in VLC Media Player on PC and the sound becomes loud every few seconds.
6) Played the original recording and the Foxy'd file on the T2 and both play ok on TV.

After Googling this problem, I've done quite a bit of reading but haven't found exactly the same issue as mine. Mostly I've found forum questions regarding sound issues with HD recordings years ago and people wrote that they'd changed their audio output on their Humax from multi-channel to stereo, which I've done on the off chance it helps with the .ts file. That hasn't fixed it.

Anyone else had this problem?

Interestingly I've looked at another .ts hd file of videos from the 1960s and it plays fine without any sound problems. Odd that the 2016 music doesn't play well but the older audio from the 60s plays perfectly.

Thanks for any advice.
The .ts file contains exactly the data that was broadcast (disregarding encryption). The issue of HiDef live or playback sound level is entirely down to the communication of audio over the HDMI interface to the TV, and whether or not the TV is able to respond to embedded user volume commands in the audio stream as a result of you altering the volume control - it has nothing to do with your current problem.

This problem is the inability of your PC to properly decode the AAC audio in the .ts file. Get a better media player (I recommend Splash Lite). The recordings that play properly probably don't use AAC encoding of the audio stream.
Thanks for the link BH. I'll take a gander now. :) BTW I re-ran my .ts files on a different media player and they worked great so thanks for that. :)