TSR Issue

I have an issue with my box saying it is Playing /mnt/hd2/Tsr/0 in WebIf, I have run fix disk, but no joy, not sure how to proceed.

If I press stop on the remote the play bar appears, if I change channel the same thing happens.

I noticed on Sunday evening that while watching a programme via tsr it suddenly said that the channel was unavailable or scrambled, but I couldn't rewind, nothibg was recording or set to either.

I can't find the instructions for switching tsr on and off, I thought they were listed in the Wiki, but perhaps I am not looking in the right place?

Any help would be gratefully received.
That's probably a bug in the latest web interface version. It should ignore the Tsr buffer in the status display.
The unavailable or scrambled issue is a known bug that happens intermittently.

Run the disable_tsr diagnostic to turn TSR off, and enable_tsr to turn it back on.
Hi af123, thanks for the info, however, turning off tsr works, but if I enable it again, it reverts back to saying it is playing again, is this simply WebIf not showing the correct info?

I was just concerned that the issue on Sunday had affected the box somehow.
Yes, it's just the web interface. I'll fix it in an update this evening.