TV diary: strange Watched entries


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Just watched a couple of recordings from earlier tonight.

in the TV diary screen the recorded section is correct.

The watched section however shows the two prerecorded program's I've watched but in between has 3-4minutes of other programmes recorded earlier instead of the actual live TV I was watching.

Anybody else got this?

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Not seen that. Any chance you were accessing video files over the network instead of viewing them on the TV, as streaming elsewhere shows as watching.
Otherwise, checking the tvdiary.log file for that time period could give an indication.

I've recently seen problems with certain filenames that are either extra long or contain unusual characters. Not nailed that down though.
Not accessing anywhere else. I'm going to try and do some tests over the weekend.

My initial thought was it's showing up files being decided?

Will check logs and feed back anything from my tests.
Suspect this is linked to my problem.

Tvdiary log has error message as below repeated many times

I've checked using telnet and /var/lib/humaxtv/rsv.db exists and last modified time was about an hour ago so looks like it is still being used but not seen every time?


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