TV guide speed drop/improvement


Hi All,
tl;dr - Regular power down to standby could improve tv guide performance.

Just thought I'd pop this in here in case it helps anyone. Last year I installed the custom firmware which ran like a charm. Towards the end of the year I noticed the guide was getting slower and slower, painfully slow (wait a couple of minutes to scroll down one line), interestingly the speed of the media menus and accessing recordings was fine it was only the tv guide that was a problem. I assumed it was because of the version of the custom firmware which is described as supporting bbc iplayer but being a bit slower.
Out of frustration I tried the old "turn it off and on again" that gets repeated by any tech support and there was immediately a huge improvement. By coincidence when I installed the custom firmware I had set the box to just stay on all the time. I can only assume that perhaps something is slowly leaking memory on the box and a reboot flushes the RAM.
I have now set the box to power down to standby every morning at 2am and so far speed has been back to its original nippy performance.
Did you use to have a lot of old unresolved timers in the schedule? These impact the epg navigation speed and are auto cleared after 13 weeks of the last programme being broadcast, but, if I remember correctly, only when the HDR-FOX T2 is next powered down.

That is one possibility, but it does demonstrate that he boxed is designed to be powered down occasionally and you may have fallen foul of something else which could have further impacted the epg navigation speed. I very much doubt that it could be anything to do with the custom firmware.
I think I had 6 or 7 working items in the schedule and 3 or 4 items that were no longer recording (as a season had ended).

I do not believe the custom firmware caused the problem. Merely my choice of standard humax settings (i.e. always on) which happened to coincide with the custom firmware upgrade.
I wasnt sure which forum section to put it in but this section seemed a slightly better fit than the others. Happy to have the post moved if people feel its inappropriate here.

Just thought it might help someone with a slow box. Even if users want an always on box to take advantage of the remote features provided by the custom firmware, it seems worthwhile to set the box to power down to standby and reawaken shortly after once a day.
We did find when we came back from Christmas holidays that the box had frozen up. I dont know if it had finally slowed to a halt but it meant a couple of things we had set to record weren't recorded. (all good as we found them on iplayer)