TV Signal pass-through?


I used to be able to watch the TV without turning on the Humax. (Not sure if this was changed by installing the CF. May have been so with default firmware). I thought that when turned off, the Humax just passed through the aerial signal.

Now, we get a "No Signal" display when selecting BBC1 HD (Ch 101) but a very weak, corrupted signal when selecting BBC1 on Ch1 which is tuned to a distant transmitter in order to get a preferred local news.

What's happening here? Is there a cure? ........ aside from powering up the Fox.


EDIT. Sorry, should have looked at "Things we need to know" thread first. I think Power Saving and or APD is the culprit.
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Simply turn off power saving in sby ( On is the default, if you have reset the box it will have reverted). Menu - Settings - System - Power Management - Power Saving In Standby - OFF. You may also want to turn off Automatic Power Down.