Two Boxes, One Router


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Good afternoon guys,

I currently have two YouView boxes, both from BT. Since moving home, we cancelled BT TV as we no longer wanted to pay the extra as we very rarely use it. One box (lounge) updates the software fine, the other (bedroom) is stuck in the dark ages on old system software.

I have spoke to YouView directly and then to BT to try to resolve this to no avail. Was wondering if anyone here had any suggestions?

YouView told me the problem was that the bedroom box has no 'ISP Configuration' set. Below are the details of both boxes.

Model - DTRT1000
Variant - 80B08500

Manufacturer Software - 22.17.0
Component Software - 2.10.28
Platform Configuration - 1467
ISP Configuration - 238

Model - DTRT1000
Variant - 80B08500

Manufacturer Software - 20.9.30
Component Software - 2.8.18
Platform Configuration - 1234
ISP Configuration - *blank*