Twonky 7 crashing Humax - how to fix


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Following information on the wiki hummy tv FAQ webpage which details possible crashes of the humax because of Twonky 7 on one of my network devices; I can't link to it due to the low number of posts i've made.

I was not sure how to put the file detailed in the FAQ into the MOD folder on the Humax or how to run it. Can someone help me with this please?

Many thanks
Is this the one?:

You haven't given us much to go on (in terms of what you know / have done already), but basically:
  1. Install the Custom Firmware;
  2. Open the WebIF in a browser, go to the "Diagnostics" page;
  3. Use the file editor utility to navigate to the relevant file (open command) and make the alterations.
However, there is a package especially for this: install the dlna-filter package.

See also Steps for Resolving HDR-FOX Crash/Reboot Issues (click).
I have trouble with connecting to the Humax via its IP address. I get a message in Firefox and IE saying Connection Refused. I'm assuming the custom firmware didn't install the web diagnostics part properly through a previous installation so will need to TELNET into the device and restart this process as detailed in the WIKI? Next step would be how do I TELNET into the Humax.

Thanks again.
I managed to log into the Humax with Telnet and was given a few options. one being "fixweb" so running that now.

Very much appreciated. Thanks!