Unable to connect to Web-if from iPad


Hello, I can no longer connect to the Web-if from my iPad.

"Connection is rejected"

I'm using the correct IP address and can connect successfully from my mobile phone and laptop.

The Humax and iPad have both been rebooted.

What else can I try please?

Works fine here.

How is your Humax connected to the home network? With my Devolo HomePlugs I find they are not always up in time for the DHCP request, so if my connection fails if I look at Menu >> Settings >> System >> Internet Setting >> Configure LAN the IP address is the default

If that is the case the solution is to click "Apply". See also here:

Sounds like the iPad is the problem. I access it from an iPad too. You have checked that you have the WiFi switched on on the iPad and it is connected to YOUR network and not somebody else's by accident? Mine occasionally picks the wrong network and goes for a trip around the neighbour's WiFis. I get exactly that same error if I try to access my Humax if I haven't checked where the iPad is connected to.

Hmmmm. Beef with Apple. Sounds delicious.
I sometimes find a Safari tab hangs, and then I close it and reopen it from the recently closed list (long press on the "+" at the right of the tabs list). When things really get bad I exit Safari, close it from the active list, then bring it up again (it reloads everything to where it was before.