Unable to log on to T2


I've eventually got around to installing the custom firmware and web interface. All was going well last night, but eventually I was unable to log on to the T2 by entering the 192.168.0.xxx address. When I am prompted for a username and password, I enter humaxftp and 0000, but the window flashes and I am prompted to enter the username and password again. The same thing happens when I enter ftp://192.168 etc on the "address" bar on the "Computer" window, which is how I normally access the box.

What am I doing wrong?
If you are being asked for a username and password then you must have created a user through the web interface settings page. This will be different to the FTP user (humaxftp/0000).

Do you remember doing that? If you can't remember the credentials then you can remove the web interface password by accessing the box via telnet.

See http://wiki.hummy.tv/wiki/Telnet for instructions on the first part and then when you get the humax# prompt type:

humax# diag removepw

(the humax# bit shown for context - you don't need to type that)

That will remove the password from the web interface for you.
That's done it! Thank you for a quick response.

I did all the changes to the T2 early this morning, before I went to bed, so I must have put a password in there somewhere.