Unable to play HD-FOX T2 videos on HDR-FOX T2


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I've just bought an HDR-FOX T2 to replace my HD-FOX T2. I've plugged the HD-FOX T2's external hard drive into the HDR-FOX T2 but when I try to play the files I get a blank screen and the message "The channel is scrambled or not available". This is with all my recordings including SD ones which are not encrypted. They all still work when the drive is connected to the HD-FOX T2.

Grateful for any suggestions as to how I can get the old recordings working on the new machine.
(Note: this topic was originally posted in the FOXSAT-HDR section of the forum)

What are these "HDR-T2" and "HD-T2" of which you speak? From the forum section this is in I take it you mean "Foxsat-HDR" rather than "HDR-FOX T2", but note that "T2" is incorrect when referring to a satellite system (it is an abbreviation for "DVB-T2", which is a digital terrestrial standard).

If by "HD-T2" you mean "HD-FOX T2" (rather than Foxsat-HD, which I believe cannot record), the StDef recordings are encrypted - see Things Every... (click) section 5. The "this channel is scrambled..." message is symptomatic of an encrypted recording being played on a machine other than the one that recorded it.

It gets worse: even decrypted, if you offer up a recording from HDR-FOX or HD-FOX to a Foxsat, you will need to delete the sidecar files (everything except the .TS) before it will play.
Apologies for posting in the wrong forum (I shouldn't post before coffee!) Yes, I did mean HD-FOX T2.

Anyway, thanks for your reply. I see the problem now and what I need to do about it so will give it a go.
A Foxsat-hdr is incapable of playback of a .ts file on it's own. The correct sidecar files must be present (AV2HDR will create them). HD recordings will have no audio unless the aac track is replaced with ac3.
That works but if it's a HD recording with an Audio Described sound track you get that rather than the main ac3 audio track. Same applies to DLNA streamed content from a Foxsat-hdr to a HD FOX T2, HDR FOX T2 and the HDR1000/1010S boxes.
I have edited the thread title and post #1, to include the full model names.
Finally all done. Must have taken 24 hours to decrypt the old videos from the HD and another 8 or so to copy across to the HDR. All working now though. Thanks for your help.