Unplayable TS files copied from 9200

I have a number of .ts files that I have copied off my Humax 9200 but they won't play on my HDR-FOX T2. Other files transferred play satisfactorily, just that a handful don't, and SWMBO (or she thinks so) wants to be able to play them. The most recent couple show an AVI icon, but I haven't edited the files in any way.

What do I need to do to get these to play?


Ezra Pound

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Do the files that won't play on the Humax play on a P.C. running VLC or slash-Lite? It would be useful to prove that they can be played on something


I would recommend installing mediaInfo and dropping the files on that.
Doing that will tell you if the ones that play are in different formats than the ones that dont.
If they are the same you have a problem. If they are different it may just be a codec not being available.