Updated packages, now screen is screwed up - edit: it's sorted itself out....

I logged into the remote scheduling package tonight and got a message that I should update the package on the Hummy.

Went to the Hummy, got a strange message when I tried to update just the remote scheduling package. So I downloaded the latest package list and upgraded them all.

Now I have this:


Here are the details of what versions I have copied from the bottom of the screen:

Web interface version: 1.2.0-2
Custom firmware version: 2.16 (build 1691)
Humax Version: 1.02.32 (kernel HDR_1.02.28)
Serial Number: 63 7105158 00737

Help! (please...)

edit: seems to have sorted itself out now..... panic over.:)
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Clear the cache on your browser (first thing to try whenever any web page displays weirdly).