I am running firmware 1.02.20 and the automatic updater does not pick up anything newer, however, looking at 'Things Every …....Should Know' I see the latest version is 1.03.12; but reading through each version there appears to be negatives for many of them. We are 100% happy with our T2 so although I like to keep up to date on techie things software wise is there any advantage in me upgrading from 1.02.20? I am also running custom firmware 2.12 -same question. Wife will not be pleased if I mess up the tele!

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Don't fix what ain't broke. What you lose by not updating from 1.02.20 (one of my machines still runs it) is documented in Things Every... (click) section 1 as you have discovered - mostly that iPlayer Radio no longer works IIRC. 1.03.12 was withdrawn by Humax for reasons unknown, although some people might still be using it because it fixes recordings on BBC3/4HD. The most stable update is 1.02.32, and there are CF work-arounds to eliminate the negatives (retunes). If you want to prevent the 'FOX updating itself you should have measures in place (as documented, and the CF package disable-ota implements the same plus additional measures). The disable-dso package defeats retunes.

As far as the CF goes, update that when convenient. If you ever wish to run disk maintenance, it would be as well to have the latest version of the tools (these are part of the install-by-USB as they cannot rely on a working HDD!).