usb-drive1 entry in browse window


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For some while now, and surviving multiple reboots (not to try and remove it), I've had an item named usb-drive1 in the video files section. I have no drives plugged in, but it remains.
Is it safe to delete the entry, which must have been created some while ago when a NTFS formatted HDD was attached for a while for file transfers?
What do you mean exactly: "video files section"?

I take it WebIF >> Browse Media Files >> / media / My Video and also Media >> My Video ? Is it a folder you're talking about?

If the above, I suggest this is the consequence of you having mapped the drive into a folder under My Video so the folder is a symbolic or hard link to a drive (if it were plugged in). Never a good idea IMO, but some people seem to find it a convenience.
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Thanks for the quick response.
You've correctly identified the location - and it appears as a folder with 4KB used (but no visible files).
As far as I know, I have never mapped a drive - always let it automount, and then, when finished, dismounted it before unplugging.
There was a period when I had some odd happenings (got locked out from the humax remote) and had to reboot, but I don't know whether this was when the odd folder appeared.
At the command line level it appears a a 'normal' folder, not a symlink, and is dated 11 Oct and is root-owned and write by anyone.
I'll go ahead and delete it then.
After reading the notes on mvdisks, I'm convinced I never invoked it (knowingly).
Thanks for the info.