USB help please


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I have managed to copy a programme onto a pendrive which I formatted to FAT 32. Although there is sound when I try to watch it on my laptop, there is no image. Please can someone advise me?

I appear in the programme and would like to keep a copy for the future when the Humax dies. Thanks for any help. BTW - I am a complete technophone so any help needs to be in a simple language.
No, It's from ITV - Emmerdale. Thanks for that link, which one do I need - I didn't record in HD as I thought that might cause problems.
It won't let me do it. I have turned off the firewall but then it wants to change my browser and add loads of other stuff I dont want!
Hm. It's a pity Mirillis have joined those who want to divert your home page/add toolbars/other programs when you install their software. To be fair, it's probably only the free version that's afflicted. Anyway, all you need do is click 'Skip' on the page offering the 'goodies' and it should proceed with a clean installation. Mirillis are a well-known and respectable software provider and I'm pretty sure they won't be putting anything nasty on your PC.

The best alternative to Splash is probably VLC, but Splash has the advantage of running happily on less-powerful systems, whereas VLC needs a machine with a bit of grunt. Splash and VLC will both run decrypted .ts files from the Hummy.
Success!! Thanks everyone who tried to help me. I downloaded the VLC mainly because I could see how to do it - I did mention that I am pretty useless. :)