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Use of "create/change folder" options on Series Links?


Just a quick one this time... the webif allows you to change the folder a series ends up recording in. How can these be nested by default without being done manually after the recording is made, detectads done and decrypted? For example I have in My Video the folder Derry Girls and then a Series 1 folder containing all six episodes. Can I make Series 2 automatically go to the folder of the same name, if so how?


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The Humax doesn't allow for nested folders, you can only record into a first level folder

Since you are using detectads you could set it up to put the output into your series 2 folder by enabling the Auto DetectAds option for the 'Derry Girls' folder and the editing the DetectAds options for that folder to include -tgt "media/My Video/Derry Girls/Series 2"

Alternatively you could use a sweeper rule to move the recording but include a check for the Ad Detection flag in the rule so that it doesn't move it before detection is complete