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Used SSD


Well-Known Member
Having recently replaced our domestic desktop PC I've removed the two hard drives - one spinning, one SSD. The disc one contains all our data, so will be (in)humanely disposed of, but the SSD is probably of use to someone and shouldn't contain anything much of concern for our security - it was the system partition and has Windows 10 o/s on it, but our user data was mostly held on the spinning disc, not here.

It's an OCZ Vector, 2.5 inch (currently screwed to a 4" drive tray), 256GB, SATA III SSD. It was bought and put into service August 2013, replacing a spinning disc to improve boot times. It's probably averaged a couple of hours a day in service.
It can be yours for £10, incl p&p ... BUT preference will be given to 'senior' forum members, not first come. (If you were just looking online for an SSD and a Google search sent you here, you're going to be last in line after all regular forum members.)

Paypal is probably easiest/most obvious, but I can accept a bank transfer, or you can stick some paper money in the post if you like. No cheques please as I have to drive miles to a branch to pay them in - just not worth it for £10.

Black Hole

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I'm definitely interested, as I have not finished configuring Zen (my ultra-PC) and it is lacking SSD. The mobo has a M.2 socket for SSD, but I can't imagine system performance is going to be all that crippled by going SATA3.


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Sure, why not. Call it £10 plus p&p if that feels like a better deal to you.
Oh heck no. I wasn't complaining, just a bit shocked at how much prices have dropped.
(Given how cheap new ones are, if I'd checked before my OP I might have just scrapped it. £10 is just my minimum to get involved in the selling, packing, posting process - by the time the cost of all that is taken at least I'll get a latte out of it :) )
Ah. It was my keyboard throwing a wobbly after I tossed a full cup of coffee over it. Stripped it, gave it a good washing out, dried it and it all appeared to work. The next day, when I typed an 'o', that's what I got. However, although that explains the strange characters, it doesn't explain how the hell I accidentally posted it. It's the bloody bug fairies again.
Apologies to all who were confused. I sure the hell was.