Using mobile phone's hotspot for humax hdr 1000s

Richard Jervis

New Member
Hi , can anyone tell me if it's possible to use my phone's mobile hotspot to connect my Humax hdr 1000s via a dongle. I have no other internet in the house and probably wouldn't use it too much.
If possible which dongle should I buy and would it auto connect
Thanks in advance
I have experience of doing that with an HDR-FOX. I don't see why there would be any issues, the phone's hotspot acts just like a home wifi router and sets up a local wireless network (devices on the network can see each other) as well as linking through to the WAN connection (the 3G/4G to the phone).

Use whatever dongle is known to work with the 1000S.

You will need to enter the connection credentials in the 1000S's menus, just as with any wifi network. After that, it should connect automatically any time it can "see" the hotspot.
Thanks for your super quick reply. Does it eat data or just when you use catch up etc.
So does anyone know the best dongle for the 1000s
I have no idea what the 1000S might do when it is given a data connection.

With regard to dongles, your default would be the Humax dongle. The discussion on dongles (for HDR-FOX) is in the following link, and it is worth noting that the 1000S may support a wider range of dongle chip sets (and almost certainly supports any chip set the HDR-FOX does). Note also that the discussion covers a long period of time, during which the original chip set dongles have become difficult to obtain, and clues about where to go next.
But why do you want it WiFi unless it's for catchup?
It will certainly eat a bunch of data on catchup.