Utterly confused now trying to setup nfs sharing


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Had a nice working nfs setup which I setup a few years ago. Now after installation of new firewall I changed some static ip addresses of the two HDR machines and then set about altering the folder configuration ip address statements. In fact surely the 'server' machine is the one whose content you're trying to access from the other i.e the 'client' so is the ip address in the folder of the server that of the client ?. Also are any machine named descriptions relevant or not as setup in the Web IF ? and also the nfs automount service should not be running on the client machine I presume.
You set up a server by installing the samba package for SMB or the nfs-utils package for NFS - that's enough to expose the media contents as a network share.

You then use the network-shares-automount package on the client device to create a pseudo-USB drive within which the network share is mounted. This is necessary so that the standard Humax firmware can be persuaded to see it (via Media >> Storage (blue) >> USB). (It is also possible to make the mount visible in the normal Media list, but I prefer the USB option.)

Is that not clear in the network-shares-automount package topic? If not I'll have to fix it.


Alternatively, use the foxlink package on server and client (configure one as server and the other as client). This configures the NFS server and creates a mount on the client.

There is no reason you can't make both machines servers and create client mounts on both.
Thanks for the info, I was thinking of trying out Foxlink. If nothing seems to work at the moment what about deleting the existing Mod Settings folders, or is it better to generate a new instance and leave everything in place - I have read the caveats about accidentally deleting the media files themselves ?
The caveats about deleting media are specifically aimed at people who choose to mount remote shares in their main media folder instead of as a virtual USB device - somebody (in the family) not realising that and thinking they've watched it or need to make room can just assume it's a normal folder and delete it... with undesirable consequences at the share end!

If you want to start again with NSA, deleting the [modsettings] folder is safe and just results in a new one being created.