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I've got the Humax HDR-Fox T2 running FHTCP 1.03.12. I have it connected to my network wirelessly using a USB dongle. It all seems to be working fine. I can watch programmes recorded on the HDR-Fox T2 from my laptop anywhere I can connect to my wifi. Is it possible to watch live tv from the buffer in the HDR-Fox T2 rather than watching recordings? If so, how ould I do it? Thanks for your help.
No. The time shift buffer is encrypted, with only very tricky methods to recover anything from it - certainly not stream from it. You can however do this from a FoxsatHDR.

For live viewing from a PC or whatever, I recommend TVCatchup.
I have the Scart output from one of my HDRs connected to my netbook via an Ion video capture box and using vlc.

This works ok apart from two drawbacks;

Firstly, my netbook is five years old so there is a slight lag when using the remote. I suspect a faster laptop would work better.
Secondly, it is not wireless, though in my case I just routed the video and USB leads to where I plug my netbook into the mains. Then I just have a USB extension lead wrapped to the power lead.

I find it useful for setting recordings and housekeeping without hijacking the main TV.

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I love WebIf, but it doesn't identify schedule conflicts or try to resolve them. Also, I like to let the Humax software do the decryption, so I copy to hdd using the remote.

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