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Does anybody have any recommendations (from personal experience) of web hosting companies? the web side is straightforward but I would prefer a host where there is no hourly limit on the number of emails that can be sent and to be able to use an unlimited number of email addresses on a domain.


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I've used 1&1 for over 10 years now, though I only have the very basic 'Home' package. It's been good for me - never had to call support (though they occasionally call me trying to upsell) but I don't have anything beyond a few domains, a few e-mail addresses and a static html website.
The domain handling is good (I think). Not expensive and they handle it all including purchase and auto-renewal, so you don't easily 'lose' one.

Sounds like you'd need their Unlimited Plus, though you'd have to check the bit about hourly limits.

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Everything I have done is through 1&1 too. It might not be the most economical, but it does seem to be trouble-free.