Web-If Maximum Password Length

Hans Klopek

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I've just changed my admin password to a 64 character password. It accepted the change but won't accept the credentials to log back in. There is only one account - the admin account. Does anybody know the maximum field length/character count so that I can try shortening the password to this length to get back in?

Failing this, how I do reset it?

Any assistance will be appreciated.


Well-Knwοn Мember
63 characters works fine for me.
I've never tried more as I had the impression that coping with more than 63 had more limited general support.

Hans Klopek

New Member
Well, I'll be damned. I tried eliminating the last and first character with no luck in Chrome. I then had the thought to try it - the full password - within Firefox and it immediately let me in. After authenticating through Firefox, I tried the Chrome prompt again and it worked immediately (although perhaps because it recognised that a session was already active from this IP?)

So a Chrome limitation? :confused:

Anyway, I've used a shorter password now and it appears to work without issue in both browsers. Thank you for taking the time to reply to me.