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Please select option: fixweb
/bin/tmenu: line 731: /mod/etc/init.d/S01lighttpd: not found
Removing package webif from root...
Not deleting modified conffile /mod/webif/html/favicon.ico.
Installing webif (1.3.1-1) to root...
Downloading http://hpkg.tv/hdrfoxt2/base/webif_1.3.1-1_mipsel.opk.
Configuring webif.
/mod/var/opkg/info/webif.postinst: line 49: /mod/webif/lib/bin/dis
/mod/var/opkg/info/webif.postinst: line 72: at: not found
Collected errors:
 * file_md5sum_alloc: Failed to open file /mod/webif/html/favicon.
ile or directory.


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I have found a answer to the problem I was having with my Humax box where webif wouldn't work.
the solution that has worked for me was to load webif by usb stick.

go to http://wiki.hummy.tv/wiki/Manually_loading_Features_from_USB

where it says

"If it is not practical to connect your Humax box to the Internet via a cable or wireless, then software packages can be loaded onto the Humax by placing them onto a USB Disk drive. The packages themselves can be downloaded from http://hpkg.tv/packages.html. Each package is available for download as an individual file or as a bundle. A bundle contains the package itself along with all of its dependencies, and is the recommended and easiest way to install software. "

I went to http://hpkg.tv/packages.html as mentioned & scrolled down to webif and downloaded the Bundle to usb stick

with the Humax on I inserted the stick, after a short while it stopped flashing and I removed the stick,powered the box off & then on.