Web-if rename function


I've just used nicesplice to crop a file which started with the end of the previous program and after cropping I used the rename option to change the Filename, Medialist Title, Synopsis and Genre. But when I press i on the remote the file information still shows the original program name. Any ideas please?
I realise now that the program name is taken from the epg data so that is presumably why rename doesn't change it. Is there any way to change the program name displayed in file information?
I'm aware of that but this is a different problem which I didn't explain very clearly.
Pressing i on a file in the media list displays "file information". In this instance the program name displayed is the previous (cropped) program. I wanted to know if it was possible to edit it.
No it isn't.
I may not have explained very clearly but my last post in the other thread makes it clear:- it was the program synopsis which was not correct.
The problem I am asking about now is the program name being incorrect. As I said in post #2, I think I understand why rename doesn't change it but I wondered if there was a way to edit it.