webif auto-decrypt error


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I have recently started using the auto-decrypt feature on my HDR boxes to enable me to watch recorded programmes via my network on my HD box, this has been working quite well for the last few weeks.

Yesterday morning, I tried to watch a programme, but got a black screen with a channel is scrambled or not available warning (I can't remember the exact wording). This recording had the "DEC" logo in webif media files, but wouldn't even play on the HDR it was recorded on. Fortunately, the original file was still in my recycle bin, and I was able to watch this.

Today, I accessed the web interface for this HDR and saw the following warning.
Humax HDR Fox T2 (humax3).png
What is the likely cause of this issue, and is there something I can do to prevent it from happening in the future?
I guess this is another variation on the decrypt problems some of us have experienced (see HERE - click). Unfortunately AF is off-line for a couple of weeks (or at least, only occasional mobile access).
I did read that thread, and a few others, but could find no mention of wording similar to that in my warning.
Yes Brian, that wording seems to be different, at least from the warning message I received. My message read something like '...file in use...'

Might it be a different problem?
IIRC AF fiddled with something recently to "cure" an hmt problem, this might be an unexpected consequence (but still qualifies under the general category "auto-decrypt").
Just to add - I too am getting auto-decrypt errors (not quite the same as brian) on the majority of my recordings at the moment. I've read through the other thread, and the fix appeared to be an update of stripts to 1.2.3 - I'm currently showing as 1.2.4.
This only seems to have shown up in the last few days, as the missus hasn't reported significant issues with watching stuff upstairs until recently.
I understand AF is away for a bit, just thought I'd post while I remembered!
I'm also getting errors from Auto-decrypt. Web if shows me lots of "auto decrypt failed" messages.
auto.log shows "file did not decrypt properly"

Manual decrypting these files seems to work fine. Is there any test I can run to help diagnose?
I have stripts 1.2.4 on HDR1 and HDR2. On HDR1 there is an episode in a series that is getting the error (Channel 5+1) .
auto.log looks something like
04/09/2013 21:31 - DLNA:
04/09/2013 21:34 - /…….ts - File did not decrypt properly

I also have the series recorded on HDR2 (Channel 5) and it had no problems with Auto-decrypt.
auto.log for this
04/09/2013 04:55 - DLNA:
04/09/2013 04:59 - Removing/binning old copy.
To add to my previous - the files that give a decrypt error have a DEC marker associated with them - which means I can't decrypt manually! And although I haven't tested thoroughly, it appears to apply specifically to files I am auto-moving to a different folder.

Let me know if there is anything else I can provide!
stripts was already updated , but I'm guessing only from yesterday, and I didn't pay attention to my dates! Anyway, I confess to not knowing how to remove DEC via command line (although I do know how to access maintenance mode, if that is part of it!) so help there would be great!
Stripts 1.2.5 is only 23 hours old, so probably arrived about 8:30 PM Thursday.

To remove the DEC icon from a file (you don't need Maintenance mode), Telnet into your Humax, if you have the Tmenu on screen select cli to get a command line prompt, go to the directory the file is in e.g.

cd '/media/My Video/archive'
and enter :-
hmt +encrypted the-name-of-your-file.hmt

replace the-name-of-your-file with the actual file name
this will only remove the DEC flag, it will not change the encryption on the file
cheers ezra - do you know if it is possible to do this for a batch, as I have around 50 files to do this with!
If all the files you want to change are in the same folder you can use '*' as a wild card, i.e. this will do them all :-
hmt +encrypted *.hmt
ok, did this, and DEC flags were removed - however this morning, I have another series of error messages - file is already decryped but the HMT flag is wrong. There doesn't appear to be any change to the files this time - ie the DEC flag has not been reinstated!
That error means that you have removed the DEC flag from some recordings that are decrypted. You need to re-instate the DEC flag for them.
well that makes sense! I just do what I'm told though..! So can I use the same code above (suitably modified) to replace the DEC flag - eg
hmt +decrypted *.hmt
assuming I'm in the correct folder?