WebIF EPG not populating


Anyone else having issues?

Tuesday looks fine as does Thursday but Wednesday is missing.

Now I have lots of channels missing from the EPG:

And yes they are all showing fine on the Humax, is there anything I can do to help diagnose & resolve this?

I'll keep updating this thread with any issues I get with the WebIF.

Today I got the following while trying to view the Drama channel:

Have a look at the epgd.log log file in the webif diagnostics page. It might provide a clue.
Also, what does the epgrange diagnostic show?
Hmm.. those both look fine. I would try an EPG data reset from maintenance mode (it's one of the options on the maintenance mode telnet menu)
I lost channels again on the EPG (WebIF) just before resetting the EPG data as you suggested.

I currently have the box sat on BBC News so that it can re-populate the EPG.
EPG Fully populated in only a few minutes.

I've scrolled through to 21/04/14 and all channels are full for Radio & TV up 20/04/14 @ 00:00, odd channel has a few listings for just after that.
My bad I don't think I explained too well. The image I posted was all that was showing, 8 channels out of the usual 80+.

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AH, in that case I would say the problem is with channel 790, I have a favourites list set up which changes the display in the Web-If EPG and channel 790 is not in that list
I might be having second thoughts about the above, I have just turned off my favourites and I now get channel 790 followed by channel 791 at the bottom of my now and next Web-If >> EPG
I'll clean out all the channels & do a scan tomorrow then delete 790 if it shows up.

What is 790 testing for, is there any info out there?

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Hmmmmm, if I click on Visit settings to change EPG options. I get a 404 error, file not found.
I've fixed that for the next webif version.

Not sure what's going on with that channel listing, if you view the source of the page in your web browser, can you see any errors in there? Alternatively, if you're running the lighttpd web server, look at the webif-error.log file in the diagnostics page.