WebIF Feature Request - Amend Timestamp in OPT+ Menu


To aid in organizing recorded program file names especially when programs have been shown out of sequence, often on 5Star, would it be possible to add an item to the the OPT+ menu, that would allow amendment of the timestamp part of the file name? Any other suggestions?


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There already is a Rename option on the OPT+ menu that allows you to alter the file name, how does your suggestion differ?


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I presume the point is to be able to control where the episodes of a series, for example, are displayed in the standard user interface. If you, say, missed episode 3 from a series of 12 episodes and recorded it later on a repeat, it would appear after episode 12 onscreen. Just renaming the file will not fix this, you need to edit the recording time and date in the hmt file. The easiest way to do this is to use the script provided by Oatcake in the thread quoted by the OP.
If you want to reorder mp4 files, for example, the SUI uses the file's 'date created' timestamp. You can change this from the command line using the touch command, e.g.
touch -t YYMMDDHHMM filename.mp4


Yes "MontysEvilTwin" is spot on, that is exactly the use I need it for, I was hoping the script or similar could be incorporated into the Opt+ Menu somewhere?
Maybe the command line use is the only option?